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Leather Guest Book – A Classic Keepsake

I recently attended my best friend's wedding, and everyone was very pleased with the way it was planned and organized. Attention had been paid to every minute detail and something as unassuming as a Guest Book had also been chosen tastefully. This reminded me of one hotel we had been holidaying in, last summer. I thoroughly enjoyed the stay there, but when it came to signing the guest book, I was totally turned off. The paper sheaves had come out, and the whole book was coming apart at the seams.

When it comes to a perfect guest book, nothing can look as dignified as a hard bound leather book with good finish. Its ivory laid paper can itself make filling it up, a pleasurable experience.

If you are in the hotel business, you would know only too well that a premium guest book is a must for any fine-quality hotel. An elegant-looking leather guest book can speak for itself and about the place. It can be presented to your guests to pen down their remarks and signature. You can also use it for reservations and for jotting down the guest mailing list.

For special occasions like weddings and corporate functions, you would want your privileged guests to leave their loving remarks and good wishes on gilt edged crisp thick paper. Whether it's a personal or a professional setting, a guest book is invaluable for recording details of business contacts or memorable messages and testimonials.

Italian leather is a popular choice for the cover of guest books. Sometimes, croc-hide or pig skin is also used. You can also go in for faux leather or suede to suit the ambiance and the occasion.

There are a great variety of colors for leather books, like red, black, white, or the all time favorite sienna brown. For an enhanced appeal, some of them come with ‘Guests' embossed in silver or gold on the cover. Or, if you like you could get a standard blind embossing done. You can personalize the guest book by getting your name, logo, or family crest on it. Decorative ribbons and motifs lend a very artistic touch to the covers.

Not just the covers, it's important to pay attention to the quality of paper used in the guest book. Before buying one, it's better to ensure that the pages are acid free so that the ink doesn't fade with time. After all, you would want to take it out from time to time whenever you like to refresh your memory and go through all the personalized comments years from now. You can get a choice of lined pages, classic laid pages, or even hand made ones.

These books are made available in different sizes of 6 x 9, 9 x 12, and 10 x 8. Also, they may contain from 20 pages to 160 to even 1000 pages. Most of them come in a sturdy box for safekeeping.

A guest book not only adds grace to an occasion or place, it is also perfect for gifting. A leather gust book is the ideal way to keep your cherished memories afresh over the years.

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